Yellowstone Capital LLC Specializes in Lawsuit & Litigation Investments

Yellowstone dubs litigation investments as potentially promising alternative investment.

If you are interested in alternative investments, those which diverge from more typical mainstream types of investments, including private equity, hedge funds, some real estate ventures and more recently, lawsuit and litigation investments, then Yellowstone Capital LLC may be able to help.

Litigation finance has the potential to be lucrative for investors. The process entails that investors fund lawsuits and then receive a cut of any settlement or cash award. While lawsuit and litigation finance contains the potential to win investors capital gain, as well as to empower corporate law firms and their clients, there are some downsides.

Detractors claim that litigation funding actually breeds additional, an often superfluous, lawsuits. It is true that there are legal and ethical obstacles to investing in lawsuits in the United States. However, since the majority of any legal financing arrangement will be structures not as a sale but rather as a loan, accompanied by complicated structures detailing on how and when returns are paid, interesting parties can easily find ways to bypass these types of legal concerns.

For questions about lawsuit and litigation investments you can be in touch with Yellowstone Capital LLC or another lender specializing in that arena.